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Holden speaks about Brook 'Talent' axe


Holden speaks about Brook 'Talent' axe

Rex Features

Amanda Holden has claimed that working with four judges on Britain's Got Talent was too "confusing".

The actress said that Kelly Brook had to be axed from the reality TV series because there was not enough room for her in the show's format.

"Kelly's a lovely girl, but it doesn't work with four people, it doesn't," she told GMTV. "Because when you get two buzzes, and then two non-buzzes, Ant and Dec and everyone was going, 'What does that mean?'...and it was so ridiculously confusing.

"It was a shame for her because she was thrown completely in at the deep end."

Kelly Brook was let go by the talent show panel on January 20, just six days after being appointed.

Britain's Got Talent returns to ITV in May.

'American Idol' final 36 picked


'American Idol' final 36 picked

Blind pianist Scott Macintyre is among the contestants to make the final 36 on American Idol.

The 23-year-old from Arizona was given an unanimous vote of approval by all four judges, who said that he "stood out" from his fellow contestants.

Macintyre's success was greeted by wild cheers from his singing rivals. He will participate in the first live shows of the series next week.

Others that successfully made the cut were Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey, who have been tagged as early show favourites. Mother-of-three Lil Rounds also made it through the Hollywood round.

During sing-off's for the final slots, Simon Cowell ended up in a disputes with the rest of the panel, arguing that Jen Korbee should get through ahead of Kristin McNamara because she is "attractive". When the other judges outvoted him, he made it clear that he disagreed with the final choice.

American Idol airs tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2.

Coleen Nolan survives 'Ice' meltdown


Coleen Nolan survives 'Ice' meltdown

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Coleen Nolan has revealed that she has survived a mid-series crisis and is now enjoying her time on Dancing On Ice.

The Loose Women panellist told The Mirror that she has been inspired by people who stop her on the street and tell her that they are supporting her.

She said: "I can honestly say I'm really loving Dancing On Ice this week.

"I think I was having a bit of mid-series meltdown last week and hated everything about it, but I've come through it and am feeling a lot stronger."

She added that surviving last week's show has given her new confidence to continue.

Last week, Nolan revealed that her positive mental attitude had "gone right out the window" ahead of Sunday's programme.

Sharon Osbourne Spent £25,000 On Her Face


Sharon Osbourne

Former X Factor judge, Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she spent £25,000 on plastic surgery to her face.

Sharon told Piers Morgan on his ITV show Piers Morgan On Hollywood:

"It's worth paying more for a face lift if you don't want to look like an alien that's just been beamed down from space.

"My teeth alone cost seven grand, but they're good because they don't look too white. The whole head cost 25 grand.

"I've had the t***ies done twice. Ozzy likes them but I don't.

Victoria Beckham Too Busy For American Idol?



Victoria Beckham is said to have turned down the chance to judge on American Idol as she is too busy with other projects.

Rumours abounded recently that Posh Spice was being considered ads a replacement for Dannii Minogue on UK talent show, X Factor, but Simon Fuller insists that this was not the case.

"We didn't really think about her for the UK," he said, speaking at the launch of The American Idol Experience at Disneyworld, Florida.

Alexandra Burke Lands £3 Million American Record Deal


alexandra burke

Alexandra Burke has reportedly landed a huge US record deal with Epic worth £3 million.

An industry insider told The Sun: "Epic think Alexandra can follow in Leona's footsteps.

"The US market loves women with big voices - and Alex certainly has that. If she comes close to Leona's success it will be a job well done."

X Factor: Alexandra Burke Leaves Home



X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke is said to have moved away from her family home for the first time, in a bid to escape the constant stream of fans who camp out there.

A source told The Daily Mail: "Alex was a bit shocked at the following she has gained since The X Factor.

"Although she loves her fans, it was getting a bit much for her.

"It was for her own safety and security that she moved. It had got to the stage where some people were going through her rubbish to see what they could find."